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JUNE 2018

Indigenous Day - June 21st


Pioneer Day - August 10

Every second week of August the Village of Hazelton celebrates Pioneer Day! As a result of gold being found in the Omenica in 1860 and the abundance of trapping in the area, Hazelton was founded in a response to the demand for access from the coast to inland BC. Hazelton was the furthest a sternwheeler could travel on the Skeena River.


The pioneer days in Hazelton were a bustling time, the bars were open three hundred and sixty five days a year, twenty four hours a day, and you would pour your own drinks! Mail and emergency supplies were brought in by dog sleds and pack horses when the steamers couldn’t get up the river and often mail only came twice during the entire winter season!


Although life is no longer like this in Hazelton, the locals love to celebrate our towns’ pioneer roots each August. Among the buildings of “old” Hazelton, which have been maintained in a 1890 vintage style, you will find locals participating in iron chef competitions, apple bobbing, riding on horse wagons, dressed up like pioneers, and watching the parade, as well as dancing up a storm Saturday night at the pioneer dance. Pioneer Day in is always the second Saturday of August – be sure to drop by Hazelton and travel back in time with pioneer days! - Destination British Columbia

Cultural Days - August 17th - 18th

Annually, on the third weekend in August, is the Gitxsan Cultural Days Celebration. These days gather all the people in the area to celebrate the entire Gitxsan Nation and it's rich culture. The celebration is had over two days and is hosted every year at the 'Ksan Campground. We are happy to say that the celebration will be easily accessible for all of our campers!

The celebration and the root of the events and notable things to do are located on the campground. Vendors will have their stalls set up and locals will be using our gazebos in the big field, creating a market. There will also be live performances made by local musical artists and various First Nations Dance Groups.

Cultural Days is our most eventful event of the year, and we very often get fully booked. If you plan on coming down at that time of year, make sure to make a reservation so you can get in on the fun!

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